Helping the environment and your pocket

The UK Government is committed to combating climate change by reducing carbon emissions by 2010 to 20% below the levels seen in 1990. The target is a 60% reduction by 2050.

Wood fuel is a renewable source of energy that can make a contribution to achieving these targets.

In March 2007, the Forestry Commissionís Woodfuel Strategy was launched by Biodiversity Minister, Barry Gardiner. The aim of the Strategy is to bring an additional 2 million tones of wood into the market, annually, by 2020. This would save 400,000 tonnes of carbon every year, the equivalent of 3.6 million barrels of crude oil.

Carbon released by burning wood fuel in modern efficient systems is re-absorbed by growing trees in a cycle that reduces the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.

There is some carbon released during the harvesting and processing activities but this is negligible.

The other important issue to consider is that due to current rising household energy costs, wood fuel could also save you money.

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