Morso Squirrel 1410

Traditional - Cast Iron

Wood & Multi Fuel - 4.5kw

The Morso Squirrel Standard 1410 is a universal radiant heat stove, decorated with the classic squirrel motif on the sides and a plain door design. It is ideal for small heating needs and is perfectly suited to small rooms and even in narrow-boat installations. Equipped with a spin dial air vent, this stove can reach optimum burn time very quickly.

The Morso Squirrel 1410 stove comes as standard with an articulating grate for releasing ashes into the ash pan. The heavy duty ash pan makes ash removal effortless without the need to manually shovel ashes out of the firebox. Rear and bottom heat shields protect adjacent walls and floor to give more flexibility in placement and construction. A reversible flue collar provides installation flexibility to vent directly off the top or the rear of the stove.

Available in black.

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